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Managing food allergies in restaurants and food hospitality establishments

Risk assessment behaviour when eating out in adults with food hypersensitivity

The forensic implications of food hypersensitivity – a review of cases in United Kingdom courts: January 2014–February 2020

Perceptions of adolescents and young adults with allergy and/or asthma and their parents on EAACI guideline recommendations about transitional care: A European survey in Allergy

Identifying key priorities for research to protect the consumer with food hypersensitivity: A UK Food Standards Agency Priority Setting Exercise 

Food anaphylaxis in the United Kingdom: analysis of national data, 1998-2018

Time to act to solve gaps in practice: the BSACI National Allergy Education Strategy

EAACI Guidelines on the effective transition of adolescents and young adults with allergy and asthma

Current Transition Management of Adolescents and Young Adults with Allergy and Asthma: A European Survey

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Adolescents and Young Adults With Allergic Conditions A Systematic Review

The Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Self-Management for Adolescents and Young Adults With Allergic Conditions: A Systematic Review

PhD Thesis Food Allergy: Innovation in advocacy, research and training to support and protect those at risk

Comparing the eating out experiences of consumers seeking to avoid different food allergens Julie Barnett, Fiona M. Begen, M Hazel Gowland and Jane S. Lucas BMC Public Health  2018 18:1263

How does dose impact on the severity of food-induced allergic reactions, and can this improve risk assessment for allergenic foods? Dubois AEJ, Turner PJ, Hourihane J, Ballmer-Weber B, Beyer K, Chan C-H, Gowland MH, O’Hagan S, Regent L, Remington B, Schnadt S, Stroheker T, Crevel RWR. Allergy January 2018 doi: 10.1111/all.13405 

Managing Food Allergens in the U.K. Retail Supply Chain. Journal of AOAC International

Eating out with a food allergy in the UK: Change in the eating out practices of consumers with food allergy following introduction of allergen information legislation Begen F, Barnett J, Payne R, Gowland MH, DunnGalvin A, Lucas JS.Clinical & Experimental Allergy DOI: 10.1111/cea.13072

Managing Food Allergens in the U.K. retail supply chain Walker M J, Gowland M H, Points J, JAOAC December 2017

Parents’ and caregivers’ experiences and behaviours when eating out with children with a food hypersensitivity Begen F, Barnett J, Barber M, Payne R, Gowland MH, Lucas JS.

Development of management thresholds for allergenic foods, Walker MJ and Gowland MH  Chapter 24 – Analysis of Food Toxins and Toxicants ISBN: 978-1-118-99272-2


Precautionary Allergen Labelling – NO MORE TRACES Turner PJ and Gowland MH – June 2016 DOI: 10.1111/all.12961

Consumer Preferences for Written and Oral Information about Allergens When Eating Out Fiona M. Begen, Julie Barnett, Ros Payne, Debbie Roy, M. Hazel Gowland, Jane S. Lucas

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Deadly fraud – Food allergen substitution in the food chain Clinical and Translational Allergy 2015, 5(Suppl 3):P137 

Food Fear, Chemistry and Industry Michael Walker and Hazel Gowland

Increase in anaphylaxis-related hospitalizations but no increase in fatalities: An analysis of United Kingdom national anaphylaxis data, 1992-2012 Turner PJ, Gowland MH, Sharma V, Ierodiakonou D, Harper N, Garcez T, Pumphrey R, Boyle R

Food Allergy, a summary of 8 cases in the UK criminal and civil courts: effective last resort for vulnerable consumers? Gowland MH and Walker MJ DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6988

Food allergy – a forensic perspective: Walker MJ and Gowland MH Food Science & Technology Vol 28 (3):33 ISSN 1475 3324


Chapter 7 Consumer attitudes to allergens in food: M H Gowland from Handbook of Food Allergen Detection and Control, 1st Edition Ed Flanagan.

Low preparedness for food allergy as perceived by school staff: a EuroPrevall survey across Europe – Thuy-My Le, Ischa Kummeling, Danielle Dixon, Laura Barreales Tolosa, Barbara Ballmer-Weber, Michael Clausen, M. Hazel Gowland, Barbara Majkowska-Wojciechowska, Tihomir Mustakov, Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos, André C. Knulst, James Potts, Rimantas Stukas, Peter Burney JACI in Practice 

EAACI Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines. Protecting consumers with food allergies: understanding food consumption, meeting regulations and identifying unmet needs Muraro A, Hoffmann-Sommergruber K, Holzhauser T, Poulsen L, Gowland M H, Akdis CA, Mills ENC, Papadopoulos N, Roberts G, Schnadt S, Van Ree R, Sheikh A, Vieths S: Allergy DOI: 10.1111/all.12453

Age As a Risk Factor For Fatal Food-Induced Anaphylaxis: An Analysis of UK and Australian Fatal Food Anaphylaxis Data – Turner PJ, Sharma V, Tang M L K, Gowland M H, Harper N, Garcez T, Pumphrey R, Boyle R J Poster for AAAAI meeting USA Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Volume 133, Issue 2, Supplement, Page AB19, February 2014


Reactions, Regulation and Risk: protecting consumers with food allergies and intolerances   Gowland MH  Perspectives in Public Health 2013 133: 306 DOI: 10.1177/1757913913512456

Characteristics and purchasing behaviours of food-allergic consumers and those who buy food for them in Great Britain Cochrane SA, Gowland MH, Sheffield D, Crevel RWR

Beyond Labelling: What Strategies Do Nut Allergic Individuals Employ to Make Food Choices? A Qualitative Study Barnett J, Vasileiou K, Gowland M H, Raats M M, Lucas J S


The strategies that peanut and nut-allergic consumers employ to remain safe when travelling abroad Barnett J, Botting N, Gowland MH, Lucas J

BSACI Nottingham – POSTER Which food allergies are most common in the UK? Using Anaphylaxis Campaign member data and case files to indicate prevalence Gowland MH, Ledford CL, Austin MM

BSACI Nottingham- POSTER The problems that peanut and tree nut allergic people encounter when travelling abroad Botting N, Barnett J, Gowland MH, Lucas J


Using ‘may contain’ labelling to inform food choice: a qualitative study of nut allergic consumers Barnett J, Muncer K, Leftwich J, Shepherd R, Raats M M, Gowland MH, Grimshaw K, Lucas JS

Abstract for oral presentation at EAACI FAAM and poster at BSACI  Meeting Food allergy, a summary of recent cases in the criminal and civil courts of the UK    Gowland MH, Walker MJ

Abstract for oral presentation at EAACI FAAM How to manage food allergy in restaurants, cafeterias and fast food outlets? Gowland M H

How do peanut and nut-allergic consumers use information on the packaging to avoid allergens?  Barnett J, Leftwich J, Muncer K, Grimshaw K, Shepherd R, Raats MM, Gowland MH, Lucas JS


The challenges for nut-allergic consumers of eating out Leftwich J, Barnett J, Muncer K, Shepherd R, Raats MM, Gowland MH, Lucas JS

How do teenagers manage their food allergies? 4 Monks H, Gowland MH, Mackenzie H, Erlewyn-Lajeunesse M, King R, Lucas JS, Roberts G